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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege


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Finally it's here, After long years of research and development

Now, you can Coat your own Existed hovercraft skirt with Teflon's HoverCoat®

Faster Speed, Safe Maneuvering, and Extended Life


Before HoverCoat®

After HoverCoat®


We staggered a continuous Research and development for years, test 100s of material in the field and out of box, our goal was to make the process the easiest for you without the known extensive Heat of Teflon coating that may damage your material, HoverCoat® is to be applied in room temperature.

No UV curing

No Double components

No haze after dry

No harmful solvents

HoverCoat® uses unsurpassed amalgamation formula, leave the sophistication to us and enjoy your hovering.


With over 73 deferent tested matrix and substrates, You'll never go wrong


Without HoverCoat® absorbed Humid causes Heavier Skirt weight, bubbles, and eventual cracks or coating peel-off With HoverCoat® the Humid is kept out and the your material coating plasticizer if-any in, HoverCollege Modified PTFE coating is Hydrophobic 



HoverCoat® is formulated from HoverCollege to prevent this type of Ice snag that happens to non Teflon Coated Skirt Materials, " Any fabric but HoverCollege HoverFabric® is a non Teflon coated as Teflon is not anti ground wear, only HoverCollege modified Teflon formula is dedicated to stand the ground wear"
A test before Appling HoverCoat® shows how the strong Ice adhesion to normal skirt materials in SUB-ZERO conditions can prevent the Hovercraft from Hovering


Also non HoverCoat® coated skirts can cause segments loss as an operational accident which causes a severe safety concern
HoverCoat® can be applied on every fabric to provide great skirt looking, longer life, faster hovercrafting, and unbelievable safety balance
HoverCoat® is a light addition, the whole coated segment will not increase more than 10 dried grams 
HoverCoat® is been tested on both bond fresh water in the Hover College Test center bonds and over the salt water of the Atlantic Ocean, HoverCoat® proved slick superiority and better forward hovering over inclined grassy slopes.

HoverCoat® proved lower fuel consumption and easier balance transfer.

HoverCoat® been applied for UH15 skirt system proving a great solution for the UH15 hovercraft closed system by allowing better water and snow outtake by the HoverCoat® internal coating and better on ground skimming for the UH15 ground skirt tough area by the outer coating.


HoverCoat® can be applied wither to rolls before manufacturing  or skirts after manufacturing.

Welcome to a new era of Hovering

Regular Nylon 6 or 6.6 features from poor to fair wear resistance, with max. friction temperature of 130c, and coefficient of friction more than 0.1 for Recreational hovercraft skirts it requires coating for the following reasons:

  • water proof
  • wear resistance
  • out door deterioration

Most common coating materials is rubber and vinyl, both feature good wear resistance but with poor coefficient of friction more than 0.1, also can't stand more than 10/inch of dynamic wear on the Timken machine on right.

Timken machine is a standards check machine for friction between solid surfaces.

RushStar is pleased to introduce the first Teflon Double Coated material for Hovercraft skirts (Air Bags).


Vinyl Coated Nylon after 50lbs/inch test (face)

Destroyed, ripped, and unusable 

Vinyl/Teflon Coated Nylon after 50lbs/inch test (face)

Ready to serve 


Vinyl Coated Nylon after 50lbs/inch test (back)

Destroyed, ripped, and unusable

Vinyl/Teflon Coated Nylon after 50lbs/inch test (back)

Ready to serve 


This patent pending new technology is making the hovercraft a real friction free.

Teflon or PTFE features Excellent coefficient of friction less than 0.04, with higher friction temperature up to 290c.


Start with the lower part of the segment, then a second layer starting with the upper part ending a second coat to the lower part.  Enjoy safe Hovering.

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