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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege


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HoverCollege-UH-15 Hovercraft Air-cushion Skirt HoverEdge intake Spliter

HoverCollege invented the Hoveredge as a Half way solution between the most valuable HoverFabric and the regular market fabric that every hovercraft manufacturer uses.

As HoverCollege Hoverfabric is the end if the line to any Hovercraft manufacturer dream, and the HoverCoat the bare necessity solution for regular fabrics, Hoveredge comes as a have way to build the Skirt cage, this new technology from HoverCollege provides a new Protek in air cushion technology, as the cage to be built first from the Hoveredge then attach any fabric to as a skin, of course building the System from all the HoverFabric, Hoveredge, DR.Rushwan;s thread with Hovercoat over all of them is just building the supremacy in Hovercraft history.

HoverCollege-Sevtec Hovercraft Air-cushion Skirt HoverEdge 


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