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Hovercraft Fabric Comparison

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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege


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HoverCollege Succeeded where other failed


HoverFabric is a self amalgamation of structure unlike regular rubber/ vinyl that failed the Hovercraft for more than 50 years, making every manufacturer denying that he make hovercrafts, claiming that his craft is deferent, we'll all of them are Hovercrafts and all of them use the same old failed Materials.

That's why the industry is getting more business closure than opening, but by with our integration approach we succeeded when others failed.

At HoverCollege we call it Hovercraft but it doesn't use the same failed materials like other, at HoverCollege it's HoverFabric.

Why the Old Materials are frailer?

  • Rubber is for friction and good traction, this is why they use it for car tires, it was a mistake using it for skirt coating just because of it UV stability!

  • Nylon* does absorb moisture

  • Vinyl cracks under Hoop Stress and Stretch

More information are in the One Million Dollar Theses of Dr. Rushwan, the Ph.D. Theses took 3 years of preparation and another 7 years in Sever Hard work, for more Scientific information please refer to the Hovercollege's Academic Department, but here what we have deferent in the industry:

New Thinking + New Materials
If you want a completely new way to fly on Air-Cushion, you need a completely new way of thinking about how to manufacture Hoverfabric. Traditional fabric manufacturers build on what they know. In developing HoverFabric™ , HoverCollege built on what traditional Fabric manufacturers don't know.

HoverCollege™ Hoverfabric takes advantage of methods and materials never before used in the manufacture of Air-Cushion Skirts.

  • HoverFabric™ is less than half the weight of conventional Air-Cushion Fabric
  • HoverFabric™ is 10 times stronger than steel
  • HoverFabric™ is 6 times antiwear more than steel, it stands steel filling!
  • HoverFabric™ is Floatable
  • HoverFabric™ is pliable not like so called Teflon alternatives
  • HoverFabric™ is more sturdy than Teflon, more strength than any other known fabric.
  • HoverFabric™ is less in mass then any other fabric, and Ballistic.


HoverFabric™ is the only Genuine improvement to the new face of Hovercraft in 50 Years!








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