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Amalgamated Academic-Industrial Approach for a new definition of Hovercraft Era, by HoverCollege

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HoverCollege sets the First Standard for Hovercraft Fabric

HoverCollege invented the HoverFabric after Studying, testing, evaluating hundreds of fabrics from all around the world, ordering custom fabric from every industry, testing them for UV, Load, wear, friction, elongation, Self adhesions, structure integrity and tons of other secretive factors that distinguishes the Hovercollege HoverFAbric from the other for decades.


The HoverCollege Hoverfabric is two types recreational and commercial


The recreational is semi clear shows you really hovering with superior anti wear

The Commercial is anti fire and with superior anti wear and extreme load, Hovercollege surpassed any other fabric with the HoverFabric.

Hovercollege also offers a special plain Teflon Hoverfabric in a very competitive price for Hobbyists, the HPTH; Hovercollege Plain Teflon Fabric is only 9.95 Euros per square meter/yard, very slippery on water-land-mud-ice

The HPTH from Hovercollege is always in Red and with the combination of Hovercollege treated Kevlar as a cage and the Hovercollege Tough Boot which is tough, slipper, and anti friction, you can get a superior, tougher than steel, and very pliable skirting system.  With Hovercollege, Hovercraft air cushion is not a T-shirt sewing any more, it's applied science.

Review the Hovercollege Order Page for the available variety of HoverFabrics ® , HPTH is the economical choice for Hobbyists, EOPTH - Emergency Orange Polyurethane-Teflon Hoverfabric®, THSH - Tougher Than Steel Hoverfabric®


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