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Hovercraft Engines

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Hovercraft Engines
Hovercraft propellers
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Rotary, Turbine, or Jet!

Hovercraft engines varies depend on the environment condition, and in any case we advice strongly against high emission engines, HoverCollege offers wide range of access to rotary, gas turbine and jet engine plus many options of Hybrid and Diesel/gas converters.

When you approach Hovercollege to buy Hovercraft engine or power plant, please try to give a complete picture of your requirements:

Are you looking for brand-new or refurbished - remanufactured - Teflon treated engines?
Are you looking for the complete power plant, including computer card, alternator,
radiator, and or additional options like gas tank, hydraulic pump for rudders as a
complete unit can be replaced with another any time
Any specific brands; Subaru, Suzuki
Any total power plant weight per horsepower requirements
What kind of connections are you looking for; belt drive, hydraulic connection, direct
drive shaft, coupling shaft
Time frame, amount of plants per year, certain budget




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