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2-Cycle Treatment

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Under License from R.S.Proteks of RushStar.com, HoverCollege Developed the Hover 2-Cycle Treatment for High raving, soaking humid, sever contaminated and dusted environment.

HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment  proved both sever cold and extreme heat compatibly with easier start for pull start engines and lower noise.

Both tests been conducted in -40 Celsius at Atlantic Canada HoverCollege air cushion test center and Ontario's Brockville during the summer heat wave 40 Celsius, HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment  proved better air flow and compression for the hot thin air.

*The 2-Cycle Engine Treatment test was conducted on a hovercraft with non HoverFabric materials to prove the superior engine pressure improvement on hot thin air.


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HoverCollege Treatments passed the most strict  Standards

HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment is for all 2-cycle engines, both autolube and oil injected. It circulates through the carburetor in minutes, removing contaminants while coating the engine parts. It is this protective coating of DMRM's on all metal parts that greatly reduces friction and gives maximum engine performance with quick startups in all temperatures. It's just like the Superior Engine Treatment, but for 2-Cycle.

Use of HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment results in:

  • Extended Engine Life
  • Increased Power
  • Quieter Engine
  • Reduced Friction
  • Storage and Corrosion Protection



For Fuel Premix: Use HoverCollege 2-Cycle Engine Treatment instead of oil. Use a separate container to mix the entire contents in proportion to fuel according to the owner manual. Shake well before using.
For Oil Reservoir: Use
HoverCollege in place of your regular oil until consumed. Return to the normal oil and/or pre-mixture at next fill-up.

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