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Hover Engine Flush

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HoverCollege under license for R.S.Protechs developed it's compatible Hovercraft Engine Flush, the amazing phenomena between HoverCollege Engine flush and any others flush around the world is not only it's the only Hovercraft Engine Flush or even it's superior compatibility with any kind of oil but it's invented capability of REPLACING the removed sludge with patented Hi-temp polymer to keep the engine balanced, Amazing phenomenal performance, Only from HoverCollege.

The Compatible Engine Flush, 500ml

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HoverCollege Superior Engine Flush is a distinctive Engine Flush to clean inside your engine. It is far ahead of the competition because it Won't emulsify the oil, and therefore won't cause any further engine wear while flushing.

HoverCollege Superior Engine Flush is compatible with HoverCollege Superior Engine Treatment and all engine oils, thus preventing any chemical reactions with the treatment/oil.

  • Contains HR7 to lubricate while it flushes.


It is recommended as a preparation for the HoverCollege Superior Engine Treatment.


  1. Add contents of bottle to old oil in crankcase.

  2. Run engine at fast idle for approximately 10 minutes.

  3. Drain crankcase, change oil filter, add new oil.

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