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Engine Treatment

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Engine Treatment
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In it's Hover College Canadian Atlantic Air Cushion test center, HoverCollege  tested the DMRMs treatment down to -50 Celsius with over 100 km/hr gusts  caused record breaking wind-chill effect, the DMRM Intelligent Engine Treatment worked smoothly because of it's extreme frictionless internal engine effect down to -90 Celsius In the Summer Hover College test the same treatment during the Heat- wave in Ontario Canada, because of the increased compression of the treatment coating, the engine kept up with the thin air effect and pushed enough air for both lift and propulsion keeping the Hovercraft in amazing high performance.

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The Intelligent Engine Treatment,



HoverCollege Superior Engine Treatment is neither an additive nor an oil treatment. It is a diversified metal treatment. It is the result of long scientific research and various patents in space technology. HoverCollege  employs its innovative "Di Mutually Reactive Molecules" (DMRMs) to be attracted to metal parts. This unsurpassed formula is unlike the Teflon (PTFE) engine treatment, since it bonds to the metal due to the presence of HR7. It is also unlike the non-Teflon treatments since it works in a reduced oil environment due to non-toxic Reactive Molecules. DMRMs provide the toughest slippery coating in the history of engine treatment. With DMRMs, you are not only coating the engine with HR7, but also taking full advantage of the lubricating properties of DMRMs.

Reduces Friction By Bonding To Engine Parts

  • Protects Engine At Start-Up 




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