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Fuel System

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Superior Hovercraft and ACVs Fuel System Treatment, 480 ML


for gas, diesel, kaz, benzene Hovercraft engines


Rush Star Fuel System Treatment does not contain MMT (which is harmful to the engine's emission system).


Add entire contents (480 ml) to fuel tank, up to 75 litters. Avoid contact with painted surface. Recommend adding to tank BEFORE fill-up.

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HoverCollege Fuel System Treatment is neither a fuel additive nor an octane booster. It is an unsurpassed treatment that improves the fuel system's performance. The presence of our patented HR7 ensures a comprehensive treatment for the entire fuel system (the area from the gas tank to the combustion chamber). The treatment cleans the fuel lines then coats with HR7 to substantially decrease the re-accumulation of contaminating deposits, to ensure a better  and more efficient burning of fuel with less harmful emissions. It integrates with the treated engine and produces:
  • Clean carburetors and unclogged fuel injectors
  • Clean intake manifolds
  • Reduced deposits in the intake valves
  • Removes water and other insoluble and incombustible materials from the fuel system without defecting the gas octane
  • defecting the both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps




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